Summer: time to relax, sunbath and… Fattelo on Tour!

We are happy to announce that Fattelo! will share this summertime with you through 2 great workshops. We keep sharing the DIY vision aiming at pushing more and more people “to make their own stuffs”.

Here are the dates:

Fattelo! on Tour #4 – Summer Edition @ Nottenera (Serra de’ Conti – AN)
23rd August 2014, starting at 8 p.m.
Piazza del Comune, Serra de’ Conti (Ancona – Italy)
Entrance fee: 5 euro

(link to Nottenera’s website)


Fattelo! on Tour #5 – Summer Edition @ betahaus (Berlin)
Within the “5 years of Betahaus” event
30th of August 2014 (we’ll publish the time schedule soon)
Prinzessinnenstrasse 19-20, Berlin
Entrance fee: starting from 25.00 euro

(link to Betahaus ‘s website)


We’ll bring the carboard and the tools, you bring your hands and enthusiasm. And, for this special occasion, you will be able to buy the original electrical part of 01Lamp at a special price.

A great occasion to spend some funny time together with friends or family.

Looking forward to meet you!

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Fattelo! Team Fattelo!™ is a literal translation of the English phrase “DIY” or “do it yourself” – the culture of building and fixing things for yourself. Fattelo!™ promotes customer participation, trusting in the collective know-how of its customers, transcending barriers, and encouraging a return to a hands-on attitude and the capacity of every human to think, interact, and create.

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