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after being chosen for the 7th Edition of Triennale di Milano, we are proud to announce that 01Lamp has been selected for “Some Things in Common” exhibition, taking place right now at Parsons School in Paris.

The exhibition explores the “open design” phenomena, from Enzo Mari’s self-fabricated furniture of the 1970s to today’s open source movement, reconsider the traditional separation between designer, producer and consumer to discover “what things we hold in common”.

Quoting Parsons Paris:

Rooted in open design and DIY culture, projects such as Sketch Chair, Kinematics and Fattelo Lamps exemplify how the internet and access to new tools can change our relationship to the things we choose to own and our understanding of ownership and collective stewardship.

We are extremely happy (and grateful) to announce this selection, hoping we’ve influenced (a bit) the generation of students which will be tomorrow’s designers.

Some Things In Common
Oct 16 – Nov 13, 2014

Parsons Paris Gallery
45 rue St Roch,

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 12.00-18.00

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