02Noctambula tutorial is finally online!

What is 02Noctambula Tutorial?

The 02Noctambula online tutorial is a tool that will guide you through the process of building a tiny courtesy lamp starting from a common discarded material such as Tetra Pak and few other — easy to find — components.

Compared to our previous tutorial (01Lamp), this one is diving much more into the process: you’ll learn the basic principles of an electric circuit by unlocking hidden properties of an everyday material like Tetra Pak.



Tetra Pak is one of the most commonly used material for food packagings: it’s probably used in the juice carton you’re holding right now or the milk brick you see every morning. It’s an incredibly versatile material: it protects food and beverages from sunlight and other external agents; it is workable, durable and flexible; not bad for a material that after its short lifespan becomes a hardly recyclable due to its composition.


Why a tutorial?

Tetra Pak is made of different materials: aluminium paper and plastic. each one of these layers requires a very different production chain to be manufactured and recycled. for this reasons its disposal is always inefficient.

For these reasons, we designed an object with the aim of re-using Tetra Pak in a clever way. the result is a lamp that make use all the good characteristics of this material: conductivity, strength, flexibility, and a shiny reflective side.

Spreading knowledge on how to make from wasted materials, giving a second life to existing products is our attempt to redefine what we consider as waste.

What do I achieve?

By making you 02Noctambula from a milk or juice carton you’ll learn how to:

Ok, too much talking… it’s time to make!

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